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We established ourselves in 2004, in a bid to provide professional solutions for those in the high-speed imaging industry. Our team of qualified and experienced sales engineers are able to assist users to capture high speed events such as a bullet or microscopic particle movement at high speed. We also offer solutions such as motion analysis of high speed sequence recordings.

Besides the high speed camera, we are also the distributor for a wide range of environmental testing equipments and drop testers.

Our aim is to provide reliable high performance products and services in the manufacturing sector and to those in research centers / universities, engaged in R & D work.

Case Studies

Analysis Application

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Backlight / Shadowgraphy is a widely used imaging technique. Under the correct conditions it can provide high contrast images of objects.

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The technique is frequently used today as a means of visualising shock waves in wind-tunnels and temperature gradients around objects.

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Laser Illumination

To achieve good quality images equal consideration should be given to the illumination source as to the camera resolution and sensitivity.

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Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV)

This application note will give a brief overview of Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV) for flow visualization using Photon's high speed FASTCAM cameras.

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Combustion Studies

Since the 1920's, the knock phenomenon in the internal combustion engine has been the subject of intense study.

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